Matsunaga Rokkan Fujiya

Little lodging among mountains

When you enter the Ryokan, the first thing you will see is the traditional wooden stove, providing a warm hearth to relax at.

There are five separate guest rooms, each uniquely decorated and named after seasonal flowers. From the rooms, you can see the garden and the waterfall.


Distant waterfall sound is relaxing.





Mountain Cherry Guest Room, Fujiya's only outhouse. Trees and surroundings will please guests in quietness and comfort. [4 people]


Bellflower Guest Room. Facing the waterfall, guest will notice the change of seasons. [3 people]


Hamamelis Guest Room. Japanese Western style arrangement guest room. Waterfall is in view. [2 people]


Golden-Rayed Lily Guest Room, Slightly bigger Japanese style room. Beautiful mountain and Sky can be viewed from the window. [2 people]


The Dogwood Flower Tree Guest room, a cozy Japanese style room, is ideal for the single traveler. The handmade rocking chair offers a good place to read and watch nature unfold. [2 people]


Bed mattress, Japanese Futon and Western bed mattress, has excellent body pressure dispersion, highly resilient and high quality pillow are provided to support natural turning. Guest can have a comfortable sleep until morning.


<Room Equipment>

Washlet Toilet warm seat with washing function, WiFi (Free), Humidifying Air Purifier, Electric Pot, Valuable Storage Safe, Refrigerator, etc.


<Room Amenities>

Samui, eg. Japanese Monks working clothes, Tabi, eg Japanese Sock, Face Towel, Hand soap, Hair Dryer, Toothbrush, Hairbrush, razor, etc.



Wheelchair user, Customers with reduced mobility, Elderly, please let us know at reservation, +Please contact us for accommodation for infants and toddlers.




Lounge with Wood stove and Hearth, There is a library of about 200 books selected with the theme of "Opening the Five Senses". Free Herb Tea and Coffee is available. We hope you to get relaxed.



Main Dining Room, Dinner is served with the beautiful view.


The bath will be a comfortable space.

The daily fatigue will be healed with the abundant nature that you can see from the window.

About the bath:

Opening hours: 5pm-11pm / 7am-9am

<Bath Room Amenities>
Bath towels, shampoos, rinses, body soaps, women's cosmetics (liquid cleansing, facial cleansing lotion, emulsion), men's cosmetics (facial cleansing lotion, care lotion, wax), rolling sticks, cotton swabs, cotton, etc.



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