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Each dinner at Matsunaga Rokkan is made with locally harvested vegetables




Innovative Shojin Ryori, eg. vegetarian cuisine will surprise and delight you.




Breakfast at the Myotsuji temple,

national treasure, the experience that cannot be achieved elsewhere





 -Culinary Director -

From Shimogamo, Kyoto, Born in the family that runs highly reputed restaurant for generations. He has been cooking frequently since childhood, at about 12 he started learning cooking from his father. After high school, he visited America wishing to be a bass fishing professional. At 23, he started to realize that as he has grown up in a cooking family tradition, he decided to return to culinary path. He promoted after a while to be a vice Chef and General Manager of the Shojin Cuisine Restaurant in New York. He found it great deal of pleasure to explain the Japanese Food over customer across the counter bar. He established One Rice One Soup Inc, and as a Culinary Director at age of 29, to promote overseas transmission of food and beverage culture raised in Japan. Currently, based in NY and Kyoto, promoting Japanese food events and producing restaurants, and his aim is at regional revitalization business associated with foods.



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