"Matsunaga Rokkan" is

general term of Matsunaga Region,

Obama-city Fukui-Prefecture

title after the area renovation agreement by the regional industries,

where rich nature and

quietness is surrounding.


Major places are introduced here,

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Matsunaga Rokkan Fujiya


Monzen 9-4, Obama-City, Fukui-Prefecture, 917-0237



●By train

・15 min. by car from JR Obama station

●By car

・exit at Maizuru-wakasa highway on the Obama interchange

to National road 27 and prefectural road 23 to reach Myoutsuji Temple.

Recommended Locations


Myotsuji Temple


福井県小浜市門前 5-21


Kurimoto Kagu Koubou


福井県小浜市門前 12-10-2

TobayaSu Vinegar


福井県小浜市東市場 34-6-2

Sanba no taki Waterfall



Wakasahiko Jinja Shrine


福井県小浜市遠敷 65-41

Jinguji Temple


福井県小浜市神宮寺 30-4

cafe watoto


福井県小浜市忠野 9-14

Obama Fish Port


福井県小浜市川崎 3丁目



How to access to Matsunaga Rokkan?

By train & bus


By car