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Matsunaga, Obama-city, Fukui-Prefecture on middle of North coastline of Honshu, main island of Japan.


This is the land on which the ancient warrior hero established Myotsuji Temple in the 8th century, praying for peace. For the past 1300 years, farmers have cultivated this land and harvested crops. It is here that you can try the uniquely delicious vegetarian cuisine, and that you can stay up reading into the perfect silence of the night, and come to mediate in the main hall of Myotsuji Temple in the early morning. 


Here at Matsunaga Rokkan you can experience incredible moments with nature, delicious cuisine, and unparalleled hospitality. You can soothe your senses and free yourself from the busy demand of ordinary life.


Matsunaga Rokkan Fujiya, the only one and the best Ryokan in the district, In quietness and calmness


Dinner that cleanses from the core of the body, using plenty of freshly harvested vegetables.


What can only be done in Matsunaga?, "Beyond your five senses"


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